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Antique Print: Jeune Demosielle en Polonaise d'Indienne

Original Print Information

Jeune Demosielle en Polonoise d'Indienne
Plate 91
Artist:  Claude-Louis Desrais  1746-1816
Engraved by Dupin
Published by Lavallee et Filhol
Circa: 1778
Medium:  Engraving - Hand Colored
Size:  Sheet 14" x 9 3/8"  Image 11 1/8" x 8" includes plate impression area
Condition:  Excellent - Minor foxing spots and a very old label discoloration in top right corner - Edges slightly worn from age
Coloration in presentation varies slightly from original print - Apron has a pinkish hue, dress is a touch more of a blueish hue - background is a slightly lighter tan hue.
Black text may not  be clear in presentation but is readable in original
Comment: The print shows the high point of French fashion before the cataclysm of the Revolution.  Approximate translation of the text:
A young maid in Polonoise d'Indienne in gauze and topped with a English-style hat ornamented with flowers and bordered with black lace.  She holds a Bichon in her arms.

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