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Antique Print: Nauclea Parvifolia

Original Print Information

Nauclea Parvifolia
Common names are Leichhardt Tree, Cheesewood, Yellow Cheesewood, Kalm and water Kadamda
From Species Plantarum Volume 1 Plate # 52
Plants of the Coast of Coromandel
Author and Botanist Karl Ludwig Willdenow 1765-1812
Artist and Botanist Dr. William Roxburg  1751-1815 Scottish Surgeon and naturalist
Medium: Copper Engraving - Hand colored - hand laid paper
Circa: 1795
Approximate folio page size 22 5/8” x 17 ¼”
Condition Excellent
Coast of Coromandel is in the southeast coast region of India
Coloration of presentation image may vary slightly from the original print
Black text may not be visible on presentation image but is readable on original print


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