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Antique Print: Edifices De Rome Moderne Eglise S. Maria Di Loreto Piazza Plate 7

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Edifices De Rome Moderne 1874 Volume 1
Eglise S. Maria Di Loreto Piazza
Plate # 7
Architect: Paul Letarouilly 1795-1855
Editor: A. Morel Paris
Medium: Steel Engraving on cream colored very heavy stock paper
Circa: 1874 Edition
Approximate page size: 22 ¼” x 15” ¼“ ± 3/8” - plate impression is evident
Condition: Excellent - uneven left margin from book removal
Comments: Paul Letarouilly over a period of thirty-five years compiled a collection of full page plates for three volumes first published in 1840. This print image is one of the 114 of Volume I of the 1874 publication. Edifices De Rome Moderne has been acclaimed as the most beautiful book ever published on Renaissance architecture. Letarouilly’s drawings incorporate into the image presentation large and small details, sections, perspectives and elevations of the most important buildings in Renaissance Rome. Considered an important reference book for architects and architectural students during the last half of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century. Over thirty editions and excerpts beyond the 1874 edition were published well into the 20th century.
Black engraved line tones of presentation image may vary slightly from original print. Back ground color is an even un-bloched cream.
Black text and all finely engraved lines may not be visible on presentation image but are visible and readable on original

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