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Antique Print: 1. le Tatou 2. le Paresscux

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Jean Baptiste Huet
1. le Tatou 2. le Paresscux
Plate # 29
Artist Jean Baptiste Huet 1701-1779 Designer of the Menagerie of Her Majesty
Engraved by Jean Baptiste Huet (a.k.a. The Younger) 1745-1811
One of a series of various animal prints from a thread bound publication
Circa: Late 1780’s-1790’s
Medium: Copper Engraving - Heavy light tan stippled rag stock paper - originally bound in publication with only thread, no adhesives used.
Approximate page size: 12 ¼” x 9 ¼” Plate impression area 8 ½” x 6 9/16” (218mm x 169mm)
Condition: Excellent for age - light foxing as shown in presentation image - left margin slightly ragged with thread holes from book removal
Comments: Christie’s Auction House in 2005 sold a set of 10 hand colored and framed prints of this plate impression size with no information as to origin other than the artist name and impression area size for $ 4,354.00 US.
Black and white tones of presentation image may vary slightly from original
Black text may not be visible on presentation image but is readable on original print

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