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Antique Print: 1. 1.Hippopotame 2. Rhineoceros

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Jean Baptiste Huet
1. 1.Hippopotame 2. Rhineoceros
Plate # 31
Artist Jean Baptiste Huet 1701-1779 Designer of the Menagerie of Her Majesty
Engraved by Jean Baptiste Huet (a.k.a. The Younger) 1745-1811
One of a series of various animal prints from a thread bound publication
Circa: Late 1780’s-1790’s
Medium: Copper Engraving - One image hand colored on heavy light tan stippled rag stock paper - originally bound in publication with only thread, no adhesives used.
Approximate page size: 12 ¼” x 9 ¼” Plate impression area 8 ½” x 6 9/16” (218mm x 169mm)
Condition: Excellent for age - light foxing near head of rhinoceros as shown in presentation image - left margin slightly ragged with thread holes from book removal - ragged right margin from age
Comments: Christie’s Auction House in 2005 sold a set of 10 hand colored and framed prints of this plate impression size with no information as to origin other than the artist name and impression area size for $ 4,354.00 US.
Rhinoceros is hand colored the Hippopotame is not colored
Coloration, Black and white tones of presentation image may vary slightly from original
Black text may not be visible on presentation image but is readable on original print

Price: $250.00

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