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Antique Print: Storm Rising

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Storm Rising

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Featured side:
The Rising Storm - Panel # 175
La promenade en Famille - Panel # 176
The Esplanade - Panel # 177
Artist: James Gillray  1756-1815
Publisher: Henry Bohn  London
Medium:  Copper plate engraving/etching
Circa: 1847
Size:  Unusual Double page full sheet size is 25" x 32 3/8"
Condition:  High Quality - Center fold line between pages back side has adhered support fold strip - two minor repairable tears - Featured side light  foxing around outer margin with no damage to panels - Backside foxing around outer margin with foxing into top of panel # 178
Panel # 175 "The Rising Storm" - A satire of the assistance the Whig party was supposedly giving the French revolutionaries.  With great exertion they winch an invasion barge to shore, it being blown back by Pitt the Younger in the guise of Borease, his breath blowing the names of British naval commanders at the threating French.  On the distant French shore, Satan capers upon a quillotine.
Panel # 176 "La Promenade en Famille" - The Duke of Clarence takes his illegitimate children and their mother, Mrs. Jordan, for a Sunday stroll.
Panel # 177 "The Esplanade" - The very unkingly figures of George III reviews his troops, probably at Weymouth.
Panel # 173 "The Loyal Toast" - The Duke of Norfolk, at a meeting of the Whig Club, toast not George III, but the sovereign power of the people.
Panel # 174 :The Friend of Humanity and the knife-grinder" - A caricature of Tierney, MP for Southwark, in London
Panel # 178 "Consequences of a Successful French Invasion" & Plate # 179 "We explain de Rights of man to de Noblesse" - These two caricatures imagine the destruction of English liberty and history by the invading French armies.  Members of Parliament are wigless or shorn, and shackled for transport to Australia.  The mace of Parliament, symbolizing the power of the King in Parliament, is being beaten apart.  The records of Parliament are burned.


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