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Antique Print: Exhibition of a Democratic Transparency

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Exhibition of a Democratic Transparency

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Exhibition of a Democratic Transparency
Plate Number 229 -
Artist: James Gillray 1756-1815
Publisher: Henry G. Bohn London
Medium: Copper Plate Engraving/Etching - Black and white
Circa: 1847
Size approximate: Sheet: 25” x 19 1/4” Image: Size 17 ½” x 13 7/8”
Engraving on reverse side of four inserts
Condition: Excellent - Minor foxing in margin - Ragged top margin - No damage to image
Featured print side:  Ridiculing earlier Whig praise of the French Revolution.  Whigs recoil in horror from an illumination depicting the true facts of what has happened during the French Revolution

Reversed side of Featured print:  Plate # 230 - New Pantheon of Democratic mythology: introduction to a series of prints showing leaders of Gillray's Britain in pseudo-classical guise.  Plate  # 231 - Hercules Reposing: Charles James as the Greek hero, asleep, the tools and labors of Hercules surrounding him, re-imagined.  the golden apples of the Hesperides: the skin of the Nemean lion is actually the skin of an ass; his bowstring is broken, the tips of arrows are bent.
Plate # 232 - Mars; Prime minister William Pitt the Younger as a ludicrous God of War, accompanied not by an eagle but by a turkey.  Plate # 233 - Harpyes defiling the Feast: the faming beer, marbled rib roast and boiled pudding of a good Englishmen are vomited upon by Harpyes, in this case three English politicians, Jekyll, Shuckburgh and Tierney

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